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Why we're here...

Welcome to Squirtopia!!

Squirtopia strives to create an open community that oozes sex-positivity, empowerment and is a safe space to talk about all things messy in the bedroom! 

Squirtopia is the land where people are not only supported in bed, but respected. Where people are encouraged to say what feels good, show what feels good and just straight up FEEL GOOD.

We want to normalize the taboo topics of sex: squirting, period sex, and anal sex. Our goal with Squirtopia is to change the way the world views sex and to bring a more positive mindset to light. 

We want to teach our community to embrace their sensual selves and feel free to explore pleasure in new ways. Many people, women especially, are shamed for wanting to experience more pleasure. And when it comes to squirting, women are stifling this aspect of their pleasure out of embarrassment and fear. We hope that the SquirtPad can be the solution to letting go and feeling free in the bedroom. 


Thomas and Michele Farmery

When you stop worrying about your mattress, that’s when the magic happens, trust me. 

After months of “wet spots” on our bed, calling room service at hotels for more sheets and having to do the laundry every time we had an intimate moment, it was time for a solution. That’s why we created the Squirtopia SquirtPad!

I haven’t always been very comfortable talking about sex; honestly, it still makes me nervous and uncomfortable at times. I didn’t have an orgasm until I was 27 and in a relationship with my forever man, Thomas. It’s like I began a sexual awakening from that point and well, then we founded Squirtopia. Where we believe, getting messy can still be super sexy.

– Michele Farmery, Squirtopia CEO

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