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We don’t have any products to show right now.

blooming  lavender

our first ever donation campaign

$5 of every Blooming Lavender

 sold goes to 

Blooming lavender (Magazine Cover).png

Every summer, Lavender Blooms.

And with every blooming lavender is a teen going through puberty.


While both are beautiful, one can be a bit more traumatic.


Often times, that trauma continues to haunt teens as they head to

High School. At school, where they look for guidance, they are instead fed fear-inducing phrases like: "Don't have sex. It gives you STDs!" or "Cover up, you look like you're asking for it!"

So, alas, they spend their winter break watching unrealistic porn and having no real idea wtf sex is, how to go about it safely, or even simply, how to ENJOY it.

Thus, the cycle continues. 


We break it.


The non-profit organization, Youth Sexpert Program (YSP), is working on disrupting this harmful cycle as we speak! YSP provides a comprehensive sex education for high school students across the United States. Their semester-long virtual training program offers a safe and inclusive space to explore essential sexual health topics. 

Many youth turn to their peers for sex education and advice, so the hope is to educate the next generation of 'sexperts.' Then, they will be able to provide their friends accurate information about all things sex.

YSP focuses on sex ed topics such as:



STI De-stigmatization

and so much more

sex ed
for all

words from YSP

"We are so happy to partner with Squirtopia for a donation campaign. Campaigns like this help sex positive organizations so much, since most have limited access to other means of funding.


We rely heavily on donations because there are many barriers operating in a largely sex-negative society. Finding support from partner organizations is crucial for organizations to continue providing essential services within our communities!"

- The Youth Sexpert Program (YSP)

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