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Couples retreat

A wellness weekend in the desert
Intentional intimacy

Let's face it. Life gets BUSY. Goodbye kisses turn into quick pecks. Hello's sound like "What do you want for dinner?" And the in-between is filled with favorite TV shows (which is fun, but can also create disconnection).

Our busy lives don't leave us much room for intimacy. And I'm not just talking about sex. I'm talking about deep, soulful connection. Where we check-in with our partners about more then the dinner menu. 

Many of us crave connection, physical touch, quality time etc. but we rarely prioritize it. We rarely leave room for intentional partnership. Or more specifically, intentional intimacy.  

This weekend retreat is all about intention. And growth. And connection. It's about learning how to integrate more intimacy into our every day lives.

that  "grow together"  kind of love.


the 4 pillars

The retreat will be rooted in these 4 pillars


Intimacy is more than the physical. It's being a safe place for your partner to land so they can trust you, be open with you and share their deepest selves. When they do the same for you, and you're able to share your heart,  your intimacy will grow beyond the physical and bring you even closer than before. Dive into intimacy through the exercises at the retreat and get to know your partner on a deeper level.


We've all experienced trauma in our lives. Whether a trauma is 'big' or 'small' is irrelevant compared to how it has made us feel and effected our lives.

When that trauma gets stored, it can be difficult to access certain areas of our emotions and/or difficult to experience pleasure in a full body way. You'll be guided to release stored emotion, which in turn makes room for pleasure to enter.



Weaving together the physical and the spiritual, that is the meaning of tantra. Bond with your partner through the principals of tantra and reach higher levels of connection both inside and outside the bedroom. Spice it up with a little BDSM 101 and you'll have yourself  some new ways to connect with each other. As well as, greater levels of trust and a more expansive view of what connection can look like.


We all change. Whether that change brings us closer together or further apart is up to us. A relationship is like a plant, it can grow and evolve or be stunted in its growth. When you intentionally grow together and explore each other in the new, fun and special ways, you'll be growing together. This retreat is just that. A catalysis to evolve into the next phase of your relationship.  


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