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Ruby Rose

inspired by the red light district of
amsterdam, netherlands

This Limited Edition Color Campaign is especially important to our CEO and Co-Founder, Michele Farmery, who created this very landing page from the confining walls of a psychiatric hospital near Vondelpark, Amsterdam, NL. It was her drive to spread the positive message of the Red Light District that propelled her forward and gave her the courage to keep going. 

$5 of each Ruby Rose

 supports the SEXONOMIC podcast by Heidi Holland



"Sex work is of all times and prevalent in every country in the world. Whatever morals, religion, laws, or culture dictates, it will always be there. Only the working conditions differ from country to country, and makes the work more or less safe for a sex worker.


Many issues stem from the stigma on sex work, and how society perceives both sexuality and sex work. The Prostitution Information Center (PIC) provides accurate information from a sex worker perspective. We fight the myths & misperceptions about sex work. Especially the differentiation between sex work and sex trafficking.


Sex work is work and trafficking is a crime. People have the right to choose sex work, but also they have the right to be protected against forced labour and exploitation, both in the sex industry and other sectors. Sex worker rights are human rights!"


SEXONOMIC is a podcast hosted by Heidi Holland 

Her podcast is dedicated to the sexual economy and landscape. It's a place for the naturally curious to explore more about sex and the world we live in.