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When you stop worrying about your mattress, that's when the magic happens, trust me. 

After months of "wet spots" on our bed, calling room service at hotels for more sheets and having to do the laundry every time we had an intimate moment, it was time for a solution.


I haven't always been very comfortable talking about sex; honestly, it still makes me nervous and uncomfortable at times. I didn't have an orgasm until I was 27 and in a relationship with my forever man, Thomas. It's like I began a sexual awakening from that point and well, then we founded Squirtopia. Where we believe, getting messy can still be super sexy.

- Michele Farmery, Squirtopia CEO

Thomas & Michelle
Thomas & Michele Farmery

Thomas and I met in 2010 at Summer Camp, we REALLY liked each other, but the distance between our homes created a bit of a challenge. Plus, we were young. 


Fast forward to 2018, Thomas was in my hometown for work and well, things pretty much picked up where they left off. It was in 2019 that we had the idea for Squirtopia. 

I liked sex before being with Thomas, but I didn't LOVE sex. This quickly changed and the need for some extra mattress protection was absolutely necessary. 


So, here we are. :) We hope that our SquirtPads give you peace of mind in the bedroom so that you can feel free to "let go." Cause in case you haven't ever experienced the need for a SquirtPad, that's the secret... the ability to be free.  


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