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Hi from Squirtopia Founders, Thomas & Michele Farmery! We have a few freebies below that are great for connecting with yourself and your partner. 

When it comes to sex, intimacy and relationships, there can be history, wounds, or triggers that prevent you from fully being present with your partner. For me (Michele) I struggled with things like ‘having sex with the lights on’ or ‘being on top’ out of body image issues. I also had an extreme lack of awareness when it came to my own body / pleasure. But the more I fell in love with myself, understood what I like and what sex is really meant to be, the more comfortable I got. 

The key to true, long-lasting connection is to establish an intimate relationship with yourself. One way to do this is through meditations and reflections. We have created freebies covering the most common fears and struggles so that you can gain greater self-awareness and increase the intimacy in your relationship.