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How we built this and how you can too

Starting a business can be daunting. No matter what kind of business you're creating there will always be so much to think about! That kind of overwhelm can lead to a false start.

Thomas and I had a lot of false starts. Not just with Squirtopia, but with a myriad of business ideas. Think hammocks, t-shirts, cat cafes, and cat harnesses (we like cats). But, alas, none of these ideas really 'stuck'.

We did however nail down two things:

1. We wanted to sell a product.

2. We wanted it to be unique.

I wish I remembered the way the conversation went when Thomas and I first discussed the idea of making a SquirtPad. I do know it included a lot of giggles.

Then a few months went by...we were a little nervous about entering the industry of intimacy. I grew up in a relatively conservative household and Thomas wasn't very comfortable on camera or social media. Luckily he was pretty comfy when it came to talking about sex and I was pretty comfy with social media. It was this combination that gave us courage to move forward. On our honeymoon, Oct 2020, we decided it was time to go for it.

I quit my job and went full force.

We spent the year building the website, the brand, the product. By Oct 2021, we launched.

The hardest part for us was probably product development. We are perfectionists (or maybe it's just me) but I had to try SO many different fabrics before landing on the one we had STARTED WITH. 😂 Now sure, if I had just said yes to the first fabric from the get-go then we would have launched quicker and saved money/ energy. BUT I'm sure I'd always wonder if we had the VERY BEST fabric. Now I know there isn't a better fabric for the type of product we have.

We tested those multiple fabric swatches, received half a dozen prototypes and experimented with different sizes and shapes.

The good news is, we did multitask. So while the manufacturers worked on our prototypes, we built the website, brainstormed branding, created the logo, named the product and biz, created our social strategy, worked through the legal aspects etc.

It's a lot of stuff to do, huh? But like I said at the bringing of this blog, overwhelm can lead to a false start. So here are 5 steps you can take to get organized. Just start with number 1. In fact, you don't even need to read the rest. Just do number 1 and come back later for the rest. :) If you need us, we're here.

5 Actionable Steps

1. Get clear on your business

  • What is your product or service?

  • Who does it serve?

  • Why will people want it?

2. Brainstorm your brand

  • What do you want customers to feel?

  • In what ways can they relate to your brand?

  • What are aspects of your brand that can compliment your product or service? ie. blog, freebies, merch etc.

3. Begin product or service creation

  • If it's a product, what do you need to create it? Just start with the first thing, even if it feels like a shot in the dark, it will lead you to the next step. It WILL snowball. Trust.

  • If it's a service, what do you provide that makes it unique to you?

4. Secure your online presence

  • Get your website domain

  • Claim your social media handles

5. Bring your brand to life - digitally

  • Create at least the first 5 social posts

  • Build the website

  • No need to market yet if you don't want to, just prepare for it all

Eager to bring your business idea to the world? In 2023, Thomas and I are offering coaching calls for start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. We've spent 8+ years in sales / marketing. We can help you with specific tasks, research and development, big picture consulting or anything marketing related.

We're proud to say, in Squirtopia's first year, we reached over $100,000 in sales. Plus, 90% of sales were from organic (not paid) traffic! We can teach you everything we've learned along the way. If you want to work with us to help bring your business to life, we've got you.

You can set up a free 30 min consultation call with us here. On this call, we'll build a custom roadmap for you to get started on your business goals. So whether you want to work with us ongoing or not, we'll be able to give you some next steps to get moving. :)

Schedule 30 min call with Thomas and Michele

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