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SquirtPad® Variety Pack - Magenta

  • The SquirtPad® is a waterproof and machine washable mattress pad created with a unique top layer that's made to get wet. So if you have messy sex, we've got your back, literally. 


    Want the SquirtPad AND the XL / Solo?! This is the pack for you. Use the SquirtPad as your go-to, bring the Solo with you on your next adventure and use the XL when you’ve got lots of time to play. 


    The SquirtPad is super absorbent and quick-drying. It also has a cooling effect on the skin by wicking moisture (squirt and otherwise) through to its second layer, which absorbs 10x its weight in under 2 seconds.


    Founded by Husband & Wife Duo, Thomas and Michele Farmery, the SquirtPad is the solution to keeping your sheets dry and mattress protected so you can feel liberated during sex.


    The SquirtPad materials are sourced in the U.S. then handmade and shipped with care out of San Diego, CA.

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