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The PeriodPad™

For free bleeding & all-night protection

Squirtopia’s newest product gives you the ability to bleed without worry. When you’re on your period, it’s almost like leaks are expected. Pads and tampons can be uncomfortable and cost a lot of money.

The PeriodPad is a re-useable, machine washable blanket that you can bleed on without worry. It’s similar to the SquirtPad, but includes anti-microbial silver for a hygienic menstrual experience. 

Free bleeding is a more relaxed and natural experience while encouraging acceptance and normalization of the natural menstrual flow. Some people have even claimed that free bleeding lightens their periods plus connects them more to their body and menstrual cycle.

Whether the PeriodPad is used on its own or in conjunction with your go-to period products, it’ll keep your bed protected and give you that peace of mind you need while you sleep. 

No one should feel shame or disgust when their body bleeds. This is our durable and sustainable period solution.