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Becoming Sexually Liberated and Starting a Biz About It

There’s feeling sexually liberated and then there’s feeling sexually liberated and talking about it publicly. 😂😅

It’s intimidating, gives me a lot of anxiety and makes me wonder if I’m absolutely nuts… but I’ve talked about personal challenges, achievements and taboos from day 1. In 2016 I started an Instagram where I shared my struggles with Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphia. The journey of sharing my story catapulted me into a whole new level of healing. Then, around 2018, I started openly discussing my history with depression and anxiety and how a break-up was triggering a lot of depressive episodes.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve also shared happy things 😂 like my adventure cat who loves to hike, my incredible friends, cheesy soulmate stuff (Thomas) and all about my supportive family. I’m blessed to be intimately familiar with both the light side and the dark side of the moon.


So, when it came to my sexual awakening, I started feeling the same calling to share. I wanted to tell my friends and (even my mom lol) about how sex had suddenly changed for me. Sex was something I’d NEVER thought I’d go into detail about. In high school, I pretended sex grossed me out so that I wouldn’t have to tell my parents I was sexually active.

But just like my eating disorders and my mental health challenges, I’ve always felt better after talking about it. I was seeing a new side of sex and it has become very important to me to help others feel more empowered in the bedroom, too.


The SquirtPad®, a mattress pad made to keep your bed protected and sheets dry during sex, wasn’t an idea that came out of nowhere, it was a compilation of multiple frustrations.

1st frustration: it was so hard to find solid, evidence-based information about squirting when it first started happening to me

2nd frustration: I had to go down reddit rabbit holes to find solutions to keeping the mattress dry during sex and none of the solutions were very, well, sexy

Final frustration: it took 11 years of sex and multiple partners to only just now discover the clitoris 🙄

I’m doing my best to take all that frustration and turn it into positive change. For far too long women’s sexuality has taken the back seat, but we’re here for sexual liberation.

We’re also here for increased intimacy…intimacy that goes beyond the bedroom so that you can feel connected to your partner on an emotional and spiritual level.

My sexual awakening, squirting, business brainstorming etc. all began with the most supportive, loving, and encouraging partner I could have ever asked for…that intimacy (outside the bedroom) is what created the space for freedom (inside the bedroom).

Thank you to my husband, Thomas, for loving me and showing me how to better love myself.


Michele, Squirtopia Co-Founder & CEO