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Sex Work IS Real Work XXX

If you’ve been to Amsterdam, then you’ve probably walked through The Red Light District (De Wallen) at least once. My wife and I ventured out to The Red Light District on our 1st night in Amsterdam and keep finding ourselves going back again and again.

Moulin Rouge Live Sex Show (yes, I said Live Sex Show)

Wow! As I sit down to write this, wow is the first word to come to mind. It was my birthday… my wife and our friend had already showed me a hell of a fun time around Amsterdam (not hard at all haha) and to top off the night, they took me to Moulin Rouge!!

Sex During Pregnancy

There are many different experiences around pregnant sex. For some, there are pregnant fetishes, others desire their pregnant partner even more during this time and we’ve also heard that some people don’t find their pregnant partners as attractive during pregnancy.

Solo Play & Sex Toys

When I was younger, I mainly associated masturbation with men. Actually, I probably only associated it with men because that was the type of masturbation that people, school and/or books referred to.

Sexperts We Love

We’re all after romance or mind-blowing sex, or both! Because why wouldn’t we be?! As humans, connection has got to be one of the most fulfilling and comforting experiences on earth. And yet, math is what’s taught in school.

Cultivating Intimacy while Working From Home

Now that the majority of us are working from home, tensions could be higher, stress might have increased too, but there is till a way to cultivate intimacy while staying in. When you think of intimacy, what comes to mind? Sex? Cuddles? Maybe sharing your personal stories?

Is Squirt Pee??

Lots of people wonder if squirt is pee. If it’s even real. Is squirting just for porn stars?

Well, first of all, squirting is NOT just for porn stars. Squirting IS real and no it’s not just made up of pee.