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Cultivating Intimacy while Working From Home

Now that the majority of us are working from home, tensions could be higher, stress might have increased too, but there is till a way to cultivate intimacy while staying in.

When you think of intimacy, what comes to mind? Sex? Cuddles? Maybe sharing your personal stories?

I believe that intimacy can created in our every day life and the benefit of that closeness comes to life in the bedroom.

If you don’t already know, I didn’t have an orgasm until age 27 when I was dating Thomas (my now husband). I’m pretty sure the reason for my lack of pleasure in the bedroom was because of my lack of intimacy with previous boyfriends.

I wasn’t as comfortable with them because I didn’t let them know me fully or see me fully.

There are many ways you can let your partner in, and it’s likely they’ll reciprocate.

Here are five things you can do TODAY to create more closeness with your partner.

  1. Take a walk together – leave the phones at home (or on silent) and walk for at least 30 min. The conversation is naturally more intimate because there are no distractions. Plus, you’re moving your body and enjoying the fresh air… both of which are good for your sex drive!

  2. Shower together – now that there isn’t any commuting time, we have more getting ready time! Enjoy a shower together, lather the body wash on each other and just be in the moment. Intimate moments that don’t result in sex are so beneficial to the relationship.

  3. HUGS! – Thomas and I will hug or just hold each other throughout the day. Long hugs, short hugs, resting your head on their shoulder, whatever it might be…there is more opportunity for physical touch throughout the day now. Make it count 🙂

  4. Talk about how you FEEL – at the end of the day, rather than talking about WHAT you got up to in your work, talk about how it made you feel. Were you anxious on that call with your boss? Tell your partner about it. Are you pumped that you finished a project? Awesome, talk about how that made you feel proud or accomplished. Talking about how you feel leads to more intimacy. If you can do it when discussing your workday then you’ll have a greater chance of saying how you feel when it comes to sex.

  5. Lastly, choose a wind-down time – maybe it’s 11pm, maybe it’s 7pm, for us it’s 9pm. Whatever works for you, save at least one hour for quiet, uninterrupted connection time. Maybe you’ll cuddle, maybe you’ll play a round of cards, maybe you’ll end up talking all night…whatever it is it’s time with your partner <3

Hope you find a chance to do all 5 of these today, or this week or even just do one. Like…HUGS…who doesn’t love a mid-afternoon squeeze?

Hugs to all of you! xx