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Is Squirt Pee??

Lots of people wonder if squirt is pee. If it’s even real. Is squirting just for porn stars?

Well, first of all, squirting is NOT just for porn stars. Squirting IS real and no it’s not just made up of pee.

Scientists have varying opinions on this topic. It’s complicated. There are LOT of mixed ideas about squirting because the studying has only just begun.

For years, scientists believed women were just having trouble holding their pee. RUDE. It took an ultrasound to prove that women’s bladders were empty prior to sex for scientists to realize that our bladders really were filling up with something other than just pee.

BTW, there is traces of pee in semen, too.

Now that people are realizing females ejaculate, it’s time for everyone to learn that females have a prostate too, or at least glands that produce fluid just like a man’s prostate (aka a prostate).


A man with the last name Skene discovered these glands so they’re also known as Skene’s glands (typical male naming the glands after himself)….anyway, that’s where the squirting / the fluid comes from!

The prostate is located near the G-spot and researchers say that stimulation causes these glands to produce fluids. Sounds pretty fair.

Squirting is essentially a combination of fluids from the Skene’s glands and even resemble prostate secretions in men (we really are created equal).

So whether you’ve never squirted during sex before, you’ve just discovered you can squirt or you’ve even squirting for decades, here’s what I think…

All that really matters is you’re enjoying yourself.

And if want an experience that doesn’t make a mess…just make sure that your bed is protected with a SquirtPad. 😉

Also, it’s important to note that squirting is not indicative of great sex. So if you aren’t squirting, it doesn’t mean you aren’t orgasming. You might even be having a better orgasm than those of us who do squirt!

Make a Splash,


P.S. The thing that awakened my squirting abilities was having an encouraging partner. So make sure you’re being supported on your journey to let loose and let go because a little mess never hurt anyone. Especially if that person has a Squirtopia SquirtPad heyyooo.