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Moulin Rouge Live Sex Show (yes, I said Live Sex Show)

Wow! As I sit down to write this, wow is the first word to come to mind. It was my birthday… my wife and our friend had already showed me a hell of a fun time around Amsterdam (not hard at all haha) and to top off the night, they took me to Moulin Rouge!!

If you’re not familiar with Moulin Rouge and what it is, read on haha.

When we first walked in, you have to go up to a ticket counter to choose the show you want to see. The girls said to choose whatever I wanted. That’s where things got interesting.

There were like 6 to choose from, but at the bottom of the list was a Live Sex Show. I asked the woman at the counter what the live sex show was and she laughed haha and proceeded to tell me how sex works while making sexual gestures with her hands 😂😂 I bought three tickets and we were let in the door.

Imagine walking into a classy strip club. Just one stage with a single stripper pole in the middle of it. Cozy seating all around with dim lighting. We walk in and seat ourselves at the bar. We order a couple drinks and the show begins.
A stripper walks out and gets on stage. She starts removing her clothes and begins dancing. She’s incredible. She then tries to invite someone from the audience to join her. Everyone is anxious and not sure what’s going on. She asks a few guys until one finally agrees to join her on stage.
She gives him a very sensual lap dance. He’s the first to see her take off her bra. He’s entranced. She turns around to face the audience and puts her ass in his face and twerks. She takes off her panties for him.

She’s wearing a sparkling butt plug.

She tries to unbutton his shirt and whispers in his ear. He shakes his head no, buttons his shirt back up and leaves the stage.

She’s disappointed. He won’t have sex with her in front of the audience. The employees are angry. One employee said, “If no audience members step up there’s no show!” The stripper starts to do a solo show, but has no spark left. She walks out.

Ahhhh we think to ourselves, thats what the live sex show is haha live sex with audience members!! Like wtf?!

A few minutes later a new stripper walks in. More sophisticated. Wearing an alluring costume. She gets on stage and begins to dance. A man walks in. He joins her on stage and beings to dance with her. He kisses her. She caresses him. They begin to undress each other.

It’s at this point we realize, they brought out the back up. The professional backup. They’re trained for this, they even look like they stepped out of a porno.

She takes out his dick and starts giving him head. Yes on stage. He’s into it. So is she.

He undresses her and caresses her body. He sucks her nipples. He grabs her ass.

They fuck on stage. In front of everyone. Doggy, missionary, you name it.

He finishes and flaps his dick up and down at the audience over, and over, and over again. He leaves. She leaves. The show is over.

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–  Thomas, Co-Founder & COO