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Sexperts We Love

We’re all after romance or mind-blowing sex, or both! Because why wouldn’t we be?! As humans, connection has got to be one of the most fulfilling and comforting experiences on earth. And yet, math is what’s taught in school. 😅

That’s why we’re grateful for the many incredible sexperts that have and are cultivating a sex-positive world. If it weren’t for them, we probably wouldn’t be here either.

In celebration of that, here are some of our favorite sexperts from around the world. They are a great resource and will help make what happens on a SquirtPad® even more enjoyable. 😉

Seema Anand she/her

The Kama Sutra Expert and Author of ‘The Arts of Seduction’

The Kama Sutra is written about in songs, movies, poetry etc. so it’s incredible that Seema sheds light on this beautiful and ancient practice while making it relevant for modern love. She’s so real, honest and wise!

Find her on Insta @seemaanandstorytelling

Shamyra Howard Blackburn

Sex & Relationship Expert, Professor and Therapist

Shamyra gives great advice while making you feel safe and validated. She’s a badass making waves left and right!
Find her on Insta @sexologistshamyra

Cam Fraser he/him

Men’s Sex Coach – Host of Podcast ‘Men, Sex, & Pleasure’

From his reels to his educational posts, he drops relatable content, awesome suggestions and educational tips that always have you glad you watch/read them.

Find him on Insta @thecamfraser

Layla Martin

Sex and Relationship Coach with a Focus on Tantric Sex

Layla is a leader in the YouTube community when it comes to connecting deeper with yourself and your partner. She teaches incredibly powerful tips that you’ll be able to apply immediately.

Follow her on Insta @thelaylamartin

Nicole K. McNichols

Human Sexuality Professor
Nicole is hilarious and easy to learn from – her reels and posts empower you in and out of the bedroom. When following her, you can just tell no topic is too taboo to be discussed and that always makes us feel good.
Find her on Insta @nicole_thesexprofessor

Laurie Mintz

Professor, Therapist, and Author of Becoming Cliterate
When it comes to Laurie’s content, it’s hard NOT to share every single thing she posts. She is constantly breaking down barriers for sex and sexuality as well as setting the record straight on myths that hold us back.

Find her on Insta @drlauriemintz

Emily Morse she/her

Doctorate in Human Sexuality & Popular Podcast Host ‘Sex with Emily’

Emily is empowering, bold and unapologetically herself. Her content is full of awesome tips, witty tweets and fantastic how-to’s leaving you prepared to handle whatever comes at you in the bedroom.

Find her on Insta @sexwithemily

Bat Sheva

Sex Therapist and Author of ‘Sex Points’

The sex mentor everyone needs. Bat Sheva knows how to makes someone feel comfortable and safe but adventurous all at the same time. She shares important points that make us all excited to try new things.

Find her on Insta @drbatsheva

Karishma Swarup she/her

Award-winning Sexuality Educator

Karishma is super fun! She makes learning more about sex educational and entertaining at the same time. She covers myths, facts, questions and everything in between.

Find her on Insta @talkyounevergot

Ev’Yan Whitney they/she

Sexuality Doula® & Host of Sensual Self Podcast
Ev’Yan makes you feel completely comfortable in your own skin as she vulnerably shares her truth in sex and sexuality. She shares great relationship advice too!

Find her on Insta @evyan.whitney