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Solo Play & Sex Toys

When I was younger, I mainly associated masturbation with men. Actually, I probably only associated it with men because that was the type of masturbation that people, school and/or books referred to. Plus, I attended Catholic school where self-pleasure was seen as a *sin* so I didn’t have much encouragement in the area. 😂⁠⁠

Therefore, I never explored it or even thought about it. As I got older, I had friends talk about it, but I think so much time had passed it felt weird to just suddenly try something I’d been unintentionally avoiding my whole life. It sounds pretty crazy when I think about it now… going 10+ years simply relying on men for pleasure…. Plus that really didn’t work in my favor because I also didn’t orgasm until I met Thomas (my now husband)!!

Anyway, back to masturbation… Thomas and I were long-distance for the first 9 months of our relationship which meant we had to get creative… he did not grow up attending catholic school LOL and was much more comfortable in this area. Basically he was my self pleasure guru.

So, I was 27 years old when I finally got to know myself in this intimate way. And I learned that getting to know what your body likes is empowering. Plus really important!! Because when you know what you like, it’s also easier to inform your partner(s). Therefore increasing your chances of an orgasm.

If you’re like I was and need a little help getting started, here’s a shoutout to my first-ever sex toy! If you’re a seasoned masturbate-r, you’ll love this too. It’s still my favorite sex toy and pretty much the only one I use.

The Bellesa x Buzzfeed Pebble

The Pebble is a clitoris suction vibrator that is great for first-timers and seasoned experts. It’s gentle yet powerful and fully waterproof which is especially great if you’re a squirter.

Squirting is more common with solo play because you’re working your body in new ways and toys like this (that center around the clitoris) can really increase the chances of squirting.

Michele, Squirtopia Co-Founder & CEO

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P.S. If you want to love on yourself without the worry of getting your mattress messy, checkout our SquirtPad Solo, it’s the perfect size for stress-free self-pleasure.